(Amber Garvin from Provo, Utah served as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (also known as 'Mormons') in the Richmond, Virginia area (Now called the "Virginia Chesapeake Mission"). 'Sister' Missionaries are able to serve at age 19 for a period of 18 months. They leave their homes, families and educational pursuits to love and serve their fellowman, and to teach about how families can be together forever. All are invited to follow her missionary experiences.)

*I have now returned home to Utah and will continue to share the experiences of being a returned missionary. :)

Monday, June 3, 2013

June 3, 2013

This letter is going to be short today, because I am not really in the mood to send something long.  Sorry if that is really disappointing... I had lots of people to respond to this week.  

It is easier to respond individually via paper letters, so if people want to send an added measure of sunshine into my life they can send me mail.  Then I can get nice little surprises throughout the week, and I like that. :)

I don't really have a good story for this week.  It was transfer calls.  I am staying here, and will be in the (new) Chesapeake mission effective- July 1.  President Baker is the new Mission President.

All I will say about that is that I have learned a lot more about trusting that the Lord has a greater plan for each of us then we have for ourselves, and that right now it is not about my plans, but it is about His plans.  I really am happy to be staying here, and I am grateful to be staying with my companion.  I know that this is where I am supposed to be, and I am trying my best to completely trust in the Lord throughout this finalization of the changes ahead.  I completely trust my Priesthood leaders, and their revelations on my behalf.  I know without a doubt that their prayers were fervent in my behalf as an individual, and also for all the people that are in Virginia, and meeting the needs of each area.

I think that this week I have really just questioned myself more then anything.  There have been a lot of those moments, and I am learning that in order for there to be progression there must be change.  And I don't like feeling "stuck".  I am learning to be willing to change in order to progress.  I am learning that I am willing to sacrifice things of lesser worth for things of greater worth.

That is where I am at this week.

Raining in Jamestown, Virginia
I am sure that you can tell that this letter is not like the others.  That is because today it is raining, and I am not ashamed to admit that the last few days have been far from ideal missionary days, and that sometimes (like today-- a lot) I am discouraged.  I'll just let you all know now, not everyday is perfect, and ideal.  Those days are sometimes fewer then those that are hard, but I also know that the hard days are sometime the days where I learn the most about myself, and I learn the most about how important gratitude and laughter is. 

Words of wisdom from me:  There should never ever be a day where you cant find a minute to laugh or smile about something. (I need more time to make that quote-worthy, but that's pretty much it)

I'm still pluggin' along.

I pray for you often, and, "love" more than anything else, keeps me going.

-Your Sister Garvin