(Amber Garvin from Provo, Utah served as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (also known as 'Mormons') in the Richmond, Virginia area (Now called the "Virginia Chesapeake Mission"). 'Sister' Missionaries are able to serve at age 19 for a period of 18 months. They leave their homes, families and educational pursuits to love and serve their fellowman, and to teach about how families can be together forever. All are invited to follow her missionary experiences.)

*I have now returned home to Utah and will continue to share the experiences of being a returned missionary. :)

Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday, February 10, 2014, Rocky Mount, North Carolina, LDS Sister Missionaries

In all seriousness I haven't felt as much contentment, and joy from just being a missionary as I do sitting here right now, in a very long time. 
I just am really content, and happy.  So that's good.  In fact, it's great!
Our experience getting to transfer meeting was a little bit crazy.  We had to wake up at 4:30 am to get ready to go, and meet some other sisters so that we could be in Portsmouth by 8:30 in preparation for the trainer's meeting. 
I was so glad that I got to go to transfer meeting though!  So many people got moved!  President Baker said that this transfer meeting was the largest.  The first largest was when we had transfers like a week after the mission opened. 
Anyway.  We welcomed 18 new missionaries, and I saw, Sisters: Barnes, Newbold, Adamson, and Sister Jasperson (This is her fifth time training-- which is incredible!!!)  Also I saw my old zone leaders, and Elder Snow, and Elder Noble who were in the group that I came out with.
I was so glad to see some of my mission friends!!! Things seem to be going well with all of them. 
Another sister, Sister Hurley, whom I came out with, was called to be a Sister Training Leader in the Kinston Stake.  She is so great!  She is the first person that I was with when I shared the gospel with someone in the airportthe day we lef tthe MTC.  I just LOVE her!
Also, our cousin--who I think may have forgotten is related to me because sometimes I forget to say hello..... is now a zone leader!  That is great! 
Sister Felt is my new companion.  She is from Southern California, and is 22.  I don't know if I'm just supposed to be taught maturity or what, but every single one of my companions has been older than me....... And taller.... except for sister Watt.... She was shorter.
Okay, so that is a really long-winded bout of information that is probably completely irrelevant to anyone outside of this mission, but it's stuff that I like to know, and now I'm sharing it.
I have been really full of inspiring revelatory information the last week or so too.  Being able to talk with Sister Felt has sort of brought it out of me, but I've run out of it today, also time..... Almost out of that.
So in the most dignified way possible I'm going to peace out.
10 months.  Today.  Right now.  In this very moment.  (Isn't that incredible?!  Who would have thought I would have made it this far in such a short amount of time.  I'm still going to be 20 years old when I get home, and I feel like I'm 79.  So that's weird. Spiritually I mean.  

Love y'all!
-Sister Amber Garvin
Me with my 'Thumbs Up'  :)

New Companion: Sister Felt and I eating the BEST Cheesecake in the World!