(Amber Garvin from Provo, Utah served as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (also known as 'Mormons') in the Richmond, Virginia area (Now called the "Virginia Chesapeake Mission"). 'Sister' Missionaries are able to serve at age 19 for a period of 18 months. They leave their homes, families and educational pursuits to love and serve their fellowman, and to teach about how families can be together forever. All are invited to follow her missionary experiences.)

*I have now returned home to Utah and will continue to share the experiences of being a returned missionary. :)

Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday, July 22, 2013 - Williamsburg, Virginia


This week was really good.  I was pretty long.  I can't believe that in weeks I wil have been a missionary for 4 months.  I don't know if that is okay with me.  But it really is because I love Utah so much!  And there are some things I miss about home life.  Like: Sitting around and reading a book for an entire day because I have no other plans.  

I am confident that will never happen to me in the next 14 months.  Whoa.  14 Months.  Whew.

You may wonder why I have thought this thought that I thunk.  :)

It's because last night we got home and after planning and getting ready for bed I had 30 minutes left of time with which I was unsure what to do.  In those moments most often you study.  

But I was in the mood for something different, so I picked up 'Jesus The Christ'.  

I tried to read it a little bit before I left with little success.  There are lots of big words in that book.

But last night my mind was enlightened and expanded, and I read 2 chapters while comprehending all things which I read.  WAHOO!  I have learned that the more familiar you become with OT, NT, and BOM language the easier it becomes to read really lengthy books with lots of big words. 

So that is what I did last night.

I know.... It's facinating, and I am sure you all really care about this really long thought process that I had last night while reading Jesus the Christ.

It's a good book.
I was a little sad that it would've been a really bad idea to stay up all night reading it.  But not devestated, because I REALLY like the 8 hours of sleep I get each night.

That's not sarcastic at alll. Really.

This week there were lots of miracles.  We were able to contact some people that haven't been contacted for at least 2 years, and were able to have some really incredible experiences with appointments.

That is all I have time to say today.

Virginia is humid, and hot.  And it rains.  A lot.

My new companion is AWESOME!  And I love her.

Bye for this week!

I love you all!  Always!

Sister Garvin

P.S. look at this cute puppy that this family in our ward got!  (don't mind my chubbiness. :)  I WANT ONE! 
Sister Missionaries - Williamsburg, Virginia
Also: best speed limit ever.  It's my favorite!
Best Speed Limit Sign Ever.  :)