(Amber Garvin from Provo, Utah served as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (also known as 'Mormons') in the Richmond, Virginia area (Now called the "Virginia Chesapeake Mission"). 'Sister' Missionaries are able to serve at age 19 for a period of 18 months. They leave their homes, families and educational pursuits to love and serve their fellowman, and to teach about how families can be together forever. All are invited to follow her missionary experiences.)

*I have now returned home to Utah and will continue to share the experiences of being a returned missionary. :)

Monday, July 1, 2013

New Mission: Virginia, Cheseapeake. July 1, 2013

Welcome to the Virginia Chesapeake Mission!  

Today is the official mission split, and we are excited to be a part of this historic milestone.  58 new
missions!  That is a big number.

Our new mission president (President Baker) flew in last week with his wife (Sister Baker).  Something that really amazes me is how inspired mission calls are.  Really.  And the age change announcement. Wow. This time last year I had just finished high school.  I never thought that I would be in Virginia. And now, I have already served in 2 different missions!  This is some crazy stuff. :)

We had a very interesting Sunday.  I was presented with some things that made my opinions burn so passionately that I sort of shook.  But I am not going to share those thoughts because I haven't completely  organized them yet.

What I will say is this:  The age change for missionaries was one hundred percent absolutely pure and inspired revelation, and the things that the First Presidency are doing now to further hasten the work of salvation are a part of that inspired, pure revelation.  There is no room for wondering and speculating, and saying things like "someone else will..." or "somebody should do something about that"s.  We have been prepared and are expected to be that someone.  We are more then capable of taking a stand, and doing hard things.  This is how it is right now, and no single person that is part of this church can participate passively.  President Perry said it wonderfully at our last mission conference "Ours is not a convenient Christianity."

Now, this is my fiery opinion, and is not to be quoted as doctrine.  But it is my belief.  I can take a stand, I am taking a stand, and I will continue to fight for the things that I believe and know to be true.  It is much harder to float around in gray space rather than to just keep fighting.

I am running short on time again and wan't to get some pictures out to you... 
... the most AMAZING sunsets... every day... except for rainy ones.

I love you!
Happy 4th of July!
-Sister Garvin

- Historic battle field that we go to when it feels really claustiphobic.
P.S.  Virginia has AMAZING clouds... every day.

Add  Funniest label on the back of a dvd player I had ever seen.  We laughed at that for a few minutes. :)